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Jul. 19th, 2011 | 11:58 pm

I have a deadline coming up which is why I've been neglecting to post the gigantic piles of photos I've been taking. I'm slowly going through them, but it's a lot of time that should be spent doing other things. However, I've finished my work for today, so here's an ENTIRE ENTRY for pictures of Rosie (I do have all of my pictures from France done, but posting them all will take forever so I'm going to do it later). I might as well get these in now since, if the weather is good, Rosie will have a friend* next week. A tiny friend. No idea what the sex is since it's still a baby, but I'll be fine with whatever it ends up being. It is okay to be you, little gecko!

MELON. She attacked it with her mouth like it was a bug.


Delicious? Apparently not. After this she sat there staring at it until I tried to get her to eat more and she ran away.

Turtle ride!

Sometimes she sleeps like this.


I really like her colors.

Awhile back I took her out and noticed she was about to shed, so I got some photos because she looked kind of awkward. If this were gecko Facebook she would probably make me untag her in all of these pictures.

I think she wanted to destroy me right then.

Or she just wanted to read my postcards.

*I use the word "friend" extremely loosely since crested geckos aren't animals that need or necessarily want companionship. Many of them do seem to do well in pairs or around other geckos, but they're fine being by themselves. I figure I should add that in case someone was thinking that they could (or that I would) just dump two random animals in a cage together and go "THEY'RE FRIENDS NOW :D" since that's definitely not how that works, haha.
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Unlovable Allison

(no subject)

from: cadaver_junky
date: Jul. 21st, 2011 02:36 am (UTC)

Crested gecko's are way too cute.

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