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Raising a team of murderbeasts

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Mar. 9th, 2011 | 05:06 pm

I got Pokemon White the other day and haven't been able to stop playing it (except to do work, but it's really hard). It's like playing Red/Blue except a million times better because the Pokemon all have cool animations and the art isn't ugly. Everything sounds nice, the characters aren't boring (well, most of them. It is Pokemon) and the new Pokemon are bad-ass.

Servine, one of the evolutions of Snivy (nicknamed "Smugleaf" by pretty much everyone on the internet. Just look at that face. He knows he's better than you in every way). I like this one the best because he looks slightly more menacing here but still has his legs (he evolves into a snake thing).

Scolipede, a gigantic purple bug that wrecks everything in its path. Dude's gonna mess you up.

Volcarona, a moth that will light your ass on fire. The bug Pokemon in this game got so awesome.

Chandelure, a ghost/fire type chandelier-type thing? I don't know. I don't care. It rocks.

Archen, a Pokemon based on archaeopteryx (...I'm impressed I even remembered how to spell that). It evolves into Archeops:

A menacing (yet colorful!) birdosaur with ridiculous attack stats, though his ability (Defeatist, which halves his attack stats when his HP is less than half full) is really, really stupid.

Tynamo, probably my favorite new Pokemon because it's an adorable little electric fish that turns into Eelektross, a horrible murderbeast whose only weakness is ground attacks, except its ability is Levitate which makes ground attacks useless anyway:

It reminds me of Voltaire, who was adorable and tiny when Rashied and I got him and then turned into an eyeball-eating monster. Still cute, though. I miss that fish :( and Rashied.

Most Useless Pokemon I've Encountered So Far Award:

Purrloin. Freaking cute cat thing that I totally wanted to use. Then I caught one and... it sucks. A lot. :( Its evolution also sucks. I know it's not that hard to get through the main game using whatever you want but seriously. This cat. It's so bad. Why.

I also love the new trade negotiations you can do online because it's ridiculous. Some people will trade you amazing things for your crappy useless Pokemon, but then some people get on there just to show off all their COOL POKEYMANS and then disconnect. Which is so stupid, because who would seriously be jealous of something you spent forever doing/got lucky with in a video game? Just trade me something already.

Wow, that was too much writing about Pokemon.

Edit: Currently breeding Snivy/eventually Zorua when I get one if anyone wants to trade for the other starters (or if you just need a Snivy). My friend code is 1119 9527 2466, trainer name Sophie.

Wendy on Wheels Saves the Day is on Amazon now! I got my copy and it looks really great. I'm pretty impressed. The art in this book is way better than the last two, in my opinion (thank you Intuos 4!), but the story is more in-depth, too.

Cranky Yellow is also selling some of the prints I have up in my Etsy store. If you're in the St. Louis area you should stop by anyway because there's some really awesome stuff in there that's worth looking at. They sell all kinds of local handmade stuff, lots of local art, and other weird vintage things that seem to fit whatever else they have going on. Like cat circuses.

It's been rainy and gross outside all week long. I wish it would stop so I could actually go outside or something. This weather is not helping me be motivated to do anything right now (except play more video games, the one thing I should not be doing).

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from: rocknrollpsycho
date: Mar. 10th, 2011 01:11 am (UTC)

LMAO oh my God you're so cute writing an entry about your Pokemons. <3 THE CHANDELIER ONE IS MY FAVORITE BECAUSE WTF, A CHANDELIER, REALLY?? That's ... wow. I know so little about Pokemon and this just confounds me further!

It's raining here, too, but it's Portland, so you'd think I'd expect that. I'm going downtown anyway because Holly and I have to go to the bank.

I looked at Cranky Yellow's pictures on Facebook after you linked to them and that place looks ttly sweet. We should go there whenever I come back to STL (and then go to the City Museum and LIVE THERE omg).

I haven't really been doing productive things. I keep being in too much pain and too tired after Moving. But I applied for an editing job! So yeah, not much motivation here, either. I keep thinking I should be writing and then I don't write sooooo. Yeah.

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King O Frod

(no subject)

from: silvertiger
date: Mar. 10th, 2011 03:17 am (UTC)

The sad part is that you don't get any of the cool ones until halfway through/near the end of the game, so I don't get to have them with me for the entire story. Me and the chandelier can't be Pokebros :'(

YES. We will go to Cranky Yellow and to the City Museum and the Science Museum because it's free and also SCIENCE. I haven't been there in forever.

I keep making myself be productive so I don't fall behind on these projects. Fortunately it's working. I think.

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forky awixkal


from: forky
date: Mar. 10th, 2011 01:45 am (UTC)

I feel so weird playing because I DON'T KNOW THEM ALL. And the strategy guide doesn't have a full Pokedex! I'm too lazy for the internet!

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King O Frod

Re: !!!

from: silvertiger
date: Mar. 10th, 2011 03:19 am (UTC)

That's what I love about it, though. Only new Pokemon at first! So you have to pick something and hope for the best, haha. Looking stuff up on the internet is more my style, though I saw the strategy guide and was really, really tempted to buy it. I did have a guide for Red/Blue though and read the shit out of it.

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(no subject)

from: amerrydeath
date: Mar. 10th, 2011 03:45 am (UTC)

I also bought Pokemon White AND A DS (first console in at least ten years) on Sunday. But I'm too adult!! I haven't had more than an hour or two to play it before passing out (jobs are too much work) so it's going so excruciatingly slowly--plus I don't know all of the Pokemon and every move they ever learn so it's lots of trial and error!

I feel so old. I also wanted my Purrloin to be excellent and it wasn't. All the cool ones are crappy. This is not the Pokemon I know :(

Also, the man at GameStop told me "there are also other good games" when he asked what I needed after the DS. Psh, man, sure, just keep telling yourself that.

I want to trade (!!) but does it work over the internets now??? The man also tried to convince me to buy something other--or slightly more advanced--than the DS Lite but I wasn't having any of it. Plenty new for me.

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King O Frod

(no subject)

from: silvertiger
date: Mar. 10th, 2011 08:19 am (UTC)

I actually really like a lot of the new ones! Some of them aren't bad right away. But the better ones don't show up until later or until after the boring ones evolve a few times.

Haha, the DS was made for Pokemon, that dude is crazy. The Zelda games for DS aren't too bad, though. Neither are the Phoenix Wright games. Those things suck you in.

Yeah, you can trade over the internet. Any DS can get on the internet using wi-fi, though I think it's easier on the newer ones. I'm using a DS Lite and had to get one of those USB wireless hotspot things to get it online since it wasn't compatible with my router's security settings, which was kind of annoying.

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(no subject)

from: cheshcan
date: Mar. 11th, 2011 05:48 am (UTC)

If I were going to open a furry-themed strip club, I'd call it Purrloin. WOULDN'T YOU?

Fuck yeah selling your shit! <3

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