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Art time

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Feb. 10th, 2011 | 02:24 am

I know it's been forever, but since I finished Wendy on Wheels #3 I've finally been able to draw other things.

A flyer I did for an upcoming show - I'm trying to do another one, but my brain has crapped out on me. Getting better at lettering, though the text in that crystal ball is still pretty gross. Eh. I sketched this out in Painter, then printed it out, transferred it to an 11 x 17 piece of bristol, inked it, and then scanned it back into the computer. I don't know why I made that so needlessly complicated, but I'm sure it made sense at the time!

I found these things in an old sketchbook I took with me to the Sci Fi Lounge's draw club, where I did the last sketch. The background seemed appropriate (I did not want to draw the stool he was sitting on). I like that he has the same face as naked lady even though they were drawn at completely different times and he was totally making that face for real. Also, BIRDOSAUR. Scree. That might have been drawn from something I found online, I can't remember. The girls were a scrapped screen printing idea. There was a third girl, but she was ugly so she went away. To the place where ugly girls go (Kohls? ...Wait, I go there).

Aaaaaaaaand it's 2011, so here is my yearly SilverTiger drawing! In retrospect, using "SilverTiger" as my online handle was kind of a dumb idea, given that it's also the name of a character I only occasionally draw. For the (hopefully zero but YOU NEVER KNOW) people wondering, no I don't represent myself as an anthropomorphic tiger, or think I am one, or want to be one or whatever. I like being a normal person who does normal people things like... draw tiger people... with purple stripes... Ok you know what I think we're done here. MOVING ON.

These last two I debated posting, since neither of them are that great. They were mostly just experimental pieces/trying to work out how to do certain things in Painter and Photoshop. I figured I'd put them up anyway since they are technically "finished" even though to me they're still just sketches. God, that text is embarrassing. It is a hard time trying to put words in your art without looking ridiculous. And WHY ARE HIS HANDS GIANT. His arms are so weird. Wow, why did I post these?

The Lady Gaga one was going to be a lot more involved, but I actually wanted to finish it - time becomes a huge limiting factor with personal work since after so long I stop caring. Forcing myself to finish art makes it come out awful (I end up wanting to scrap the whole thing and start over 90% of the time), so I either need to learn to draw quicker or find ways to keep myself interested. If anyone has any tips on accomplishing either of those things, I would love to hear them!

What's a decent blogging site for art, guys? People keep doing cool things over on Tumblr and Blogspot and stuff and I keep thinking about it, but LJ has been my home base since forever. It might be worth it to mirror my posts if more people will see them, though. Why do I always ask these questions when I notice people leaving LJ (and DeviantArt) again and then end up staying here anyway? I should be posting to my website more, but NO ONE goes there, haha.

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from: rocknrollpsycho
date: Feb. 10th, 2011 08:44 am (UTC)

OMGGGG YOU DREW LADY GAGA AWWW THAT IS AWESOME. I agree that the text doesn't really work on it, but hey, you can try it again sometime, right? And I like the shadowing on the last one--is that Elias??

ST2011 is ~fierce.~ I like her. I also love that chick at the top of the sketchy page who's all angular and angry. The flyer lettering is awesome!

I forget people update their websites! I never update mine anymore. I keep thinking about doing a poetry... something, but I don't know who'd care.

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