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Catching up on things

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Apr. 2nd, 2011 | 01:41 pm

I was putting off posting some of this stuff while I looked at all these photos I never posted, which reminds me I desperately need to update the photo section of my website. So many pictures, aah. Anyway, here's some art first:

I posted this one to Facebook too, but here it is again anyway.

Another scribble of Ellodie.

A sketch of one of Melissa's doves, based on a photo she sent me. I don't know why I made these last two images so big.

When Mellow gets really focused on birds, he starts chattering at them in this weird faux-squirrel voice.

Cats are weird.

I would have liked this one a lot more if not for the highlights being ridiculously blown out. Eh.


Mouse is the most adorable cat.

Blurry but haha, that face.

Mellow is so generically cat-shaped.

This one is from yesterday. John wanted me to put my necklace on Mellow, haha. He didn't like it too much. I wish this photo were better, but that cat wasn't sitting still for long.
Now have some fake cats:

I love how colorful these ones are.

An anteater! Usually I just get the cats, but this one was adorable. I forgot to take a photo of the jaguar I got, and now it's going to bug me. Maybe next time.

Plants! The only two I've managed to keep alive for long. One is an elephant bush, the other is ivy.

Fish! Ziggy the angelfish got bigger.

The gold shine is from the lamp I had on.

Stripey Fatty (Fatass the Third), a baby killifish. Hatey Fatty (Fatass the Second) decided to commit fish suicide and throw himself out of the tank one night while I was asleep. Who knows why or how he managed to even get out of there when the lid was closed. Hopefully Stripey Fatty is less angry about everything and more like the original Fatass, who was too dumb to not love everything.

Blarf, looking ridiculous as usual.

Another red-tailed shark. He (or she, who knows with these guys) was the most pathetic looking fish when I got him, but he's since grown and filled out pretty nicely. So far he's not being a dick to any of my other fish. I can only hope he doesn't end up a vicious murderbeast like the previous one.


And I haven't forgotten about little Ghost. He's doing alright! Not getting much bigger, though. He'll probably be runty forever, but that's ok.

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